Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Show Me Your Queen Bee: What’s This Blog For?

In 2007 I took a trip to Portland to meet a friend and for the first time visited the original Queen Bee "Hive." I walked out of there with three bags and two wallets – a collection I’ve been adding to ever since. I was amazed to see the Hive wall bedecked with past Queen Bee Creation designs. With new lines introduced twice a year there are many retired Queen Bee styles and products. Even looking over the official Queen Bee Flickr account I realized there wasn’t a comprehensive collection of all of their past styles and products.

So I wanted to create a “fan” page for Queen Bee. This is a place for fans’ pics of their own favorite bags, coin purses, wallets, bike panniers and even Chickpea Baby items. It’ll update whenever I get submissions, although knowing QB fans I can’t imagine there’s a lack of them out there.

So if you have a Queen Bee Creation you love, send me a link or a pic. Or upload your photos to our Flickr account. I want to see everyone’s Queen Bee stuff!

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  1. Greetings from Queen Bee Creations! We were so tickled to see this blog and revisit all kinds of past inspirations. What a true honor that you care enough about the work we do to start this archive. It's just awesome!

    I have worked for Queen Bee for the last 8 years and I would love to make myself available to you. I would be happy to help identify style names, or answer questions you may have about the history of discontinued designs. Please let me know if you have any questions and in turn I will check in and leave comments ( see the record purse post) whenever it seems helpful.

    It really does well by our hearts to know that our efforts are so appreciated. Thank you for starting this up, we look forward to many more posted reminders of where we have been.

    Best to you & your eye for beauty in use.*

    Heidi Hopfer
    Queen Bee Creations