Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chirp Tomo/Rita

My brand new Rita bag! It's a style, Chirp, Queen Bee isn't offering anymore but I found it at this wonderful shop Velouria located in Seattle. In addition to a selection of Queen Bee items they also stock some really great stuff from etsy sellers. Worth checking out if you are in Seattle for sure! (Also goes along well with my Chirp coin purse)
Update: Apparently it's not a Rita at all but a hybrid! It's actually a Tomo-style bag with a Rita-style strap. Queen Bee still makes the Ritas but not the Tomos. I asked Heidi from Queen Bee how I managed to find this bag in a Seattle shop, brand new. Her answer:
The Tomo was an item designed years ago and in the original conception it had a strap that was sewn on ( much like the Truckettes & Truckers). When we brought them back for one season due to popular demand, we had switched from vinyl to our current PVC-Free fleather. This material sews up differently, so we redesigned the item a little bit for that round. The dimensions and strapping are different from the original, but it is true that you got one from a lovely little window of this item reappearing.
That makes my find all the more awesome! W00t!

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