Sunday, November 20, 2011

Plumeria Penelope

My latest addition to my collection of Queen Bee Creations bags. Queen Bee announced on their Facebook Page one day they had a few Penelope Bags to sell. I was looking for something with a long strap like a Truckette, but a smaller bag. The photo doesn't do justice to the rich red flowers.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chirp Tomo/Rita

My brand new Rita bag! It's a style, Chirp, Queen Bee isn't offering anymore but I found it at this wonderful shop Velouria located in Seattle. In addition to a selection of Queen Bee items they also stock some really great stuff from etsy sellers. Worth checking out if you are in Seattle for sure! (Also goes along well with my Chirp coin purse)
Update: Apparently it's not a Rita at all but a hybrid! It's actually a Tomo-style bag with a Rita-style strap. Queen Bee still makes the Ritas but not the Tomos. I asked Heidi from Queen Bee how I managed to find this bag in a Seattle shop, brand new. Her answer:
The Tomo was an item designed years ago and in the original conception it had a strap that was sewn on ( much like the Truckettes & Truckers). When we brought them back for one season due to popular demand, we had switched from vinyl to our current PVC-Free fleather. This material sews up differently, so we redesigned the item a little bit for that round. The dimensions and strapping are different from the original, but it is true that you got one from a lovely little window of this item reappearing.
That makes my find all the more awesome! W00t!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

One Fan's Collection

The full collection

Brixton was so nice to include a group shot of her collection of Queen Bee items I can't not post it. They all looks so great.

Whale Coin Purse and Cluster Wonder Wallet

Queen Bee Accessories

A lovely Whale coin purse (a "whalet") previously seen swimming with the bills and a wallet whose design name is escaping me. Any ideas? Both owned by Brixton.

Update: Another mystery solved by Heidi of Queen Bee. The wallet's design is "Cluster" and it's a "wonder wallet."

Market Tote

Market Tote

I haven't yet featured any of the print designs of QB yet. So here's the first. Owned by Brixton who said she thought the design was called "blue sky." Which looks a lot more blue next to these apples. I don't know as much about the QB's canvas prints so I'll go with that until I hear otherwise.

Update: I got a lot of new information from Heidi of Queen Bee about this bag:

The light blue and white is a "Market Tote": made from recycled mesh banners. Since the materials are all random and re purposed they do not have an actual style name for color or design. We adore these totes, but they are quite difficult to sell online as folks have no idea what they are actually going to receive. None they less, here is the tag that hangs with this item.

"This product is made from recycled banners that once led a glamorous advertising life. Banners are waterproof, durable, washable & will appear gently worn over time. Boast that you saved it from hitting the landfill! One-of-a-kind & hand-made in Portland, OR. "

Kyoto Truckette

Another lovely bag owned by Brixton, who says this Kyoto was the first QB item she ever bought. "Purchased in 2007 in anticipation of needing something functional but professional for interviews." It looks yellow here but looks more minty green here and here. (If it's the same bag). Either way it brings the pretty.

Maisy Small Tote

A small tote owned by Brixton. You can also see it here, but I thought this pic better showed off the lovely green color. I originally thought it was a designed called Blueberry but the lovely Heidi of Queen Bee told me the correct style so I've updated this post.

Velocity Large Tote

Large tote with a Velocity design. Owned by brixton.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

7" Truckette

i heart my purse

Another rare 7" bag in handsome brown. Owned by Erin Skipper.

Kyoto Coin Purse and Chirp Wallet

Owned by Aine D.

Twig Trucker

Owned by Aine D.

Flit Blossom

Owned by Aine D who says it's her favorite. "The size is great and it has an inside zippered pocket." I remember looking at this exact bag once and craving it. I later asked QB headquarters why they discontinued making this type of bag and was told it was because they couldn't get the strap for it anymore.

Daisy Truckette


Another beautiful bag owned by Aine D. A lovely Daisy in the field.

Small Edith Sprout Tote

Owned by Aine D. A Sprout in the grass as it were.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Queen Bee Loves Portland Tote

queen bee loves pdx

A real limited edition tote owned by e. Queen Bee Loves Portland. (May I admit the design is what inspired my bee-with-a-heart.)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

45 rpm Handbag

indie girl purse

This is a style of Queen Bee bag I've never seen before. It's not septia-toned because it's old. (Although Queen Bee bags of the 1900's would have been great accessories.) Owner Lauree says it's actually pink vinyl. I'm calling any unknown style of bag "mystery" from here on in.

UPDATE: Mystery solved! A commentor below fills us in.

"45rpm" handbag! There was also a larger version called the " LP TOTE".
And Lauree has posted a color version!

Queen Bee bags!

7" Truckette

lauree's got a new bag!

I don't know what this line of Queen Bee bag was called, so I'm going with "record." As owner Lauree says "they don't make 'em like this anymore."

UPDATE: Mystery solved! Heidi from QB headquarters in comments fills us in.

The 7" Truckette, all of these were made with a small zipper inside the flap so that you could change your record on a whim. Let's face it, not every day is a Lionel Ritchie day. ( Am I right, or am I right??)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Isos Truckette

Queen Bee vegan dot bag

Isos Truckette. Not actually owned by veganscore, but she did snap the pic for her blog "Vegan Score" where she shows folks where they can find vegan stuff around Seattle.

Bike Pannier

Side saddle

Bike Panniers, don't know the name of the design. Can anyone help me out? Owned by jimmyhere. (Also check out his other photo. Very Alice-in-Wonderland). I'm not positive, but it doesn't seem like Queen Bee is selling bike panniers anymore.

Velocity Re-wool Tote

Queen Bee!

Large Edith Tote bearing a Velocity design. Owned by ohjanet who says she loves this bag with all her soul. "I carry it almost every day in the fall & winter and it STILL looks brand new."

UPDATE: Heidi from QB headquarters gave me the official name, Re-wool Tote.

'Velocity Re-wool Tote' was one of our very first wool designs!

Kinetic Wonder Wallet

Wallet, but I don't know the name of design. Anyone recognize it? Owned by aimeedars who says she bought the wallet in 2005.

UPDATE: Style name solved. Heidi from QB headquarters has given it a name: Kinetic Wonder, in plum color. So poetic!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kyoto Trucker, Chirp Truckette and Lotus Tomo

Day 109 - 11/9/07

A Kyoto Trucker, Chirp Truckette and a Lotus Tomo -- a style QB isn't currently selling. Owned by Brixton.

Whale Coin Purse

Day 275 - 4/23/08

Yellow Whale Coin Purse. I'm calling this "Whale" style cause I can't image it having another name. Owned by Brixton.

Chirp Truckette


Blue Chirp Truckette. Owned by JulineB.

Poppy Truckette

An Orange Poppy Truckette. Owned by negativity abundant.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pink Pluma Bike Panniers

Pink Pluma Bike Panniers. Sold as set. Originally purchased in Arlington, VA 2010. BTW, I love how these look on my bike.

Chirp Coin Purse

Chirp Coin Purse. Gift from friend, 2010.

Clouds Wallet

Originally purchased in 2007 from Queen Bee store. Funny thing, this has been in my drawer ever since. Never actually used it.

Cupcake Wallet

Originally purchased in 2007 from Queen Bee store.

Kyoto Small Tote

Originally purchased in 2007 from Queen Bee store. I think it's what they called a small tote. Purse-like size.

Truckette Vine

Originally purchased 2007 from Queen Bee store. I think it's the "Vine" design.

Kyoto Trucker

Originally purchased in 2007 from Queen Bee Store in Portland.

Show Me Your Queen Bee: What’s This Blog For?

In 2007 I took a trip to Portland to meet a friend and for the first time visited the original Queen Bee "Hive." I walked out of there with three bags and two wallets – a collection I’ve been adding to ever since. I was amazed to see the Hive wall bedecked with past Queen Bee Creation designs. With new lines introduced twice a year there are many retired Queen Bee styles and products. Even looking over the official Queen Bee Flickr account I realized there wasn’t a comprehensive collection of all of their past styles and products.

So I wanted to create a “fan” page for Queen Bee. This is a place for fans’ pics of their own favorite bags, coin purses, wallets, bike panniers and even Chickpea Baby items. It’ll update whenever I get submissions, although knowing QB fans I can’t imagine there’s a lack of them out there.

So if you have a Queen Bee Creation you love, send me a link or a pic. Or upload your photos to our Flickr account. I want to see everyone’s Queen Bee stuff!