Saturday, October 16, 2010

Market Tote

Market Tote

I haven't yet featured any of the print designs of QB yet. So here's the first. Owned by Brixton who said she thought the design was called "blue sky." Which looks a lot more blue next to these apples. I don't know as much about the QB's canvas prints so I'll go with that until I hear otherwise.

Update: I got a lot of new information from Heidi of Queen Bee about this bag:

The light blue and white is a "Market Tote": made from recycled mesh banners. Since the materials are all random and re purposed they do not have an actual style name for color or design. We adore these totes, but they are quite difficult to sell online as folks have no idea what they are actually going to receive. None they less, here is the tag that hangs with this item.

"This product is made from recycled banners that once led a glamorous advertising life. Banners are waterproof, durable, washable & will appear gently worn over time. Boast that you saved it from hitting the landfill! One-of-a-kind & hand-made in Portland, OR. "

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